Wisdom Teeth. Where do I even start?

When a new idea comes to life you never quite know where it will end up: Ramblings in the back of a notebook, a forgotten file in the depths of your hard drive, or perhaps it will end up evolving into that all-consuming project that keeps you up every night for months. When that ‘Wisdom Teeth’ lyric first came to me in the shower, I knew I liked it but I never thought it would take me on the journey it has. Many sleepless nights later, here we are.

The Music:

Like a lot of my ideas, Wisdom Teeth came to life in my living room studio. From recording to mixing, to mastering, everything was done in house, much to the frustration of my neighbours and housemate! Upon first glance at my little home studio a lot of people think I must be minted, but I can assure you now this is not the case (Pro Tip: Surround yourself with musical friends that store their impulse purchases at your house when they need more storage!)

My home studio is a blessing and a curse. Yes it means I have a world of creation at my fingertips, but it can also be hard to shut off, not realise you’ve been sitting in front of a screen for 16 hours, or indeed forgotten how to communicate to another human being, or that food and sleep are necessities and you can’t actually live off the sounds of your speakers. It can be fun, but it can sometimes be a lonely process. Wisdom Teeth was an exception to that. There’s something about this project that brought the people closest to me together to create something beautiful, and I’m so bloody proud of and thankful for each of them.

As much as I'd love to take the credit, the piano you hear is my dear friend Alex. My go-to keys player, Wisdom Teeth was yet another project that I roped him into to be my brain to DAW translator. With my old upright piano 'Meg' not being tuned to concert pitch it makes things an extra mission, but Al never fails to give me that cheeky bit of sauce! The biggest of thank you’s also go to Tim and Drew Jodi for lending me their ears, giving feedback on endless bounces, and generally being my musical hype men when I really need it!

And George the drummer, who absolutely tore it up in the second half of the track! George really brought the idea to life for me, and whenever that lad is behind a drum kit it instantly sounds huge! In a beer-fuelled recording blitz we squeezed into his little drum shed for what we thought would be just a bit of fun, but from the first drunken take everything just clicked and I couldn't be happier with how it all sounds!

The Video:

If you've seen any of my videos, then you’ve definitely seen a bunch of old vintage video clips. I once got asked what effect I used to get them to look so authentic, but indeed I’ve got my late Grandfather to thank, for capturing such beautiful, unique moments and places back in the 70’s. When my mum first played me the footage, I was instantly captivated by my Grandad's creative eye. How ahead of his time he was. I’d love for him to be able to see what he’s inspired all these years later... He captured moments of my mum and her sisters growing up as children, in their travels across America all them years back. There’s something about the footage that resonated so deeply with what ‘Wisdom Teeth’ means to me, and as everything came together it couldn’t have felt more meant-to-be.

The footage speaks a thousand words alone, but the full video wouldn’t have been what it is today without my childhood friend and now housemate Boy Voss (True World Productions). Not only did Boy have to listen to the track endlessly as I battled to be happy with it, but he also had to endure it for twice as long as he worked on the filming and editing. From the shots of myself, to the glitching video effects throughout, and the tasteful weaving together of the clips, I’ve Boy to thank.

The Artwork

When I set my mum the challenge of painting the artwork, I didn’t have a single doubt in my mind that she would absolutely smash it! A few lessons later, having learnt the entirely new technique of oil painting, she sends over a stunning painting of the stills taken from the video. Well, I definitely know where I get the creative gene from now! Mum- Thank you!

The PR & Copy

As much as I would love to take all the credit, absolutely none of what you’ve read up to this point has actually been written by myself! Sorry.. Text scares the shit out of me. In fact even this paragraph has most likely been corrected by her too.

Seriously though! I’m the luckiest guy alive to have such a kind and loving person by my side putting up with all my self doubt and misery and actually taking so much time to help me grow and actually believe in me. Lucy has done all the PR and copy for this and previous releases to date.

I often bang on about being an independent artist: Sometimes singing its praises, but mostly hitting my head against a wall at the times it feels like a losing battle. Which believe me, it really does. But i'm so blessed be surrounded by such talented, passionate creatives... People that do what they do because they love it and couldn’t dream of doing anything else. People that believe in me, in times that I don’t believe in myself. Could I do it without you all? Could I fuck.