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Music producer // songwriter

Released work 

Music in the works 

Audio demos

I've created a few demo tracks for Native Instruments, including ICON BASS, VOCAL COLORS, and the pre-roll for DUETS which was used as the lead track for the Native Instruments, iZotope, and Plugin Alliance Summer of Sound 2023 campaign.

Library music
Take You Down With MeUniversal Music Publishing
00:00 / 02:41

Link to the original track on the official website here

Link to the original track on the official website here

Guitarist // musical director // live show programmer

I've carried out a range of MD services for artists across London, including Dwara, Pao Pestana, and Sabiyha. I enjoy playing a range of instruments from electric guitar, Spanish guitar, bass guitar, SPD, synth/keyboard, backing vocals, and a fan favourite–the hand bells!

I get a real kick out of live set programming!
My live set work has included:

  • Backing track creation

  • Creating and running cues and click to musicians

  • Translating productions to live

  • Recreating keys patches

  • Vocal effects

  • Creating interludes and arranging the flow of the show

Projects I have performed for:

  • Shri Shriram & Dennis Rollins (MBE)

  • Jonny Ong // Singapore Grand Prix

  • Leo & The Cubs function band

  • Before Sunrise function band

  • Annie Afrilu

  • KB Fusionares

  • Nick Howe

  • Ishod B

Sound engineering // studio and live
I have worked as the house engineer at The Oval Tavern for (too many) years.
Here, I helped build the Oval Tavern Sessions, where I manage the filming, editing, and post production.

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Venues & Organisations

Installation work for churches

Frantic Productions

The Sound Lounge

Croydonites festival

Croydon Youth Arts Collective

The Front Room

Hoodoos at Matthews Yard

Croydon Pride Festival

Croydon Composers

Braithwaite Hall

Think Events

Club Soda

Summer of Love

Croydon Mela

Coming soon
Coming Soon

Ableton effects racks // Sony360 RA workshops

Automated movements using multiple LFOs to modulate the parameters.

Sidechained movements using multiple envelope followers to modulate the parameters.

After speaking to a friend working in 360 mixing, I was told the software had recently moved to a plugin that could work in Ableton. Instantly intrigued, I asked him if he had explored the effects racks and modular capabilities that Ableton offers. This sparked the interest of ARK360º and I was asked to join a workshop to discuss in-depth Ableton concepts related to Sony 360RA.

XP-2 400_0012.JPG

A few years ago, I decided to rescue this old pub piano, Meg, and restore it back to a playable state. After some TLC, I experimented with making a KONTAKT instrument out of it, allowing me to get an insight into how sample instruments are made and get to know their inner workings.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 17.02.31.png

This is only the start to many sampling endeavours that myself and my friend Sam Sakr have decided to undertake. The idea is to combine organic elements with modular synthesis, and sample things in great detail to create experimental virtual instruments and sample packs.


I also love to build things! 

pedalboard builds_edited.jpg
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